Welcome! We are thrilled that you are joining with us to pay tribute to Cantor Benjamin Maissner by participating in the Beny 2020 Virtual Choir.

Our conductor and project co-ordinator, Susan Baskin, has created a video to introduce you to this exciting project.

Once you have watched the Welcome Video, you will need to refer to the INSTRUCTIONS (found on the link below) throughout the entire process.

Click here for the instructions.

PLEASE  be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your video recording has the required elements we need so that we can include it in the Virtual Choir.

We recommend that you read (and review if experiencing challenges) the TIPS FOR SUCCESS  and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and ANSWERS sections found at the bottom of the INSTRUCTIONS.  We have learned a lot from the experiences of our first submitters and we thank them for their input.

If you are new to making a video recording, please refer to our  Guide to Technical Requirements
We have created the following tools to assist you in learning and understanding the style and history of the composition:

Click below for an audio recording, with piano accompaniment, of YOUR part in S’u Sh’orim:

Soprano MP3 
Alto  MP3
Tenor MP3 
Bass MP3

When you have worked your way through all the steps in PART A of the instructions it is time to move onto PART B and make your recording.

PLEASE remember that it is ESSENTIAL that you watch and follow the VOICE SPECIFIC VIDEO RECORDING GUIDE or VSVRG when you make your recording.

IF your video recording does NOT include the sync beeps embedded at the beginning and end of the VSVRG we will not be able to include it in the Virtual Choir Performance.

GOOD LUCK with your recording. IF you encounter challenges along the way, that are not covered in the INSTRUCTIONS, the TIPS for SUCCESS or Q&A sections, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click on the link below for the VOICE SPECIFIC VIDEO RECORDING GUIDE for your part.

Have questions or concerns?

Email us at [email protected]

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