In Jewry, the way which leads to that promised time, the way of man’s contribution to ultimate fulfillment, is whenever one generation encounters the next, whenever the generation which has reached its full development transmits the teachings to the generation which is still in the process of developing, so that the teachings spontaneously waken to new life in the new generation.
— Martin Buber

House of Study / House of Worship

Our Approach To Learning

Jewish learning is the gateway to confident and meaningful participation in Jewish life. Holy Blossom Temple is as much a House of Study as a House of Worship. We offer opportunities for study and growth to members of all ages, backgrounds and levels of Jewish education, nearly every day of the week, at different times. Anyone who wishes to learn may do so. Our studies range from Hebrew language and Torah study, to literature, history, and much more. Many genuine friendships are formed through studying together.

For more details on any of our educational programs, please send and email to Debbie Spiegel or call (416) 789-3291, ext. 239.

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