Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.
— Thomas Beecham (1879–1961), conductor

A Sacred Bridge – A Community Under One G-d – April 10, 2011

When we’re gathered together in worship at Holy Blossom Temple, the language of music forms the tapestry holding our awareness of being Jewish. Music is one of the most unique ways the Jewish people express themselves liturgically and culturally, and it serves as the vehicle through which we communicate our thoughts and beliefs to the members of our congregation. Truly great music can be the message itself, and music at Holy Blossom Temple has always been of the highest order.

Our internationally renowned cantor, Benjamin Z. Maissner, lives, breathes and exists through music, and in particular, the music of the Jewish People. Carrying the message of music to the congregation and then far beyond the synagogue walls, Cantor Maissner acts as a shaliach tzibbur, an emissary of our people.

At Holy Blossom Temple, music is present everywhere and makes its mark on every aspect of Temple life: worship services, concerts, Oneg Shabbat song sessions, study sessions, lectures, life-cycle events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah, weddings and funerals, Temple Singers’ rehearsals and children’s choir practices. We believe that music is an integral experience with the power to shape the lives of Jewish people by helping them strive towards holiness. Above all, we strive to build the kind of praying and cultural community that makes our members and guests feel warm, familiar and welcome.

Musical Stories

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