Mitzvah Week

May 10 – 16, 2020


Holy Blossom is a congregation of people who know how to do good.  Through deeds of righteousness, justice, and generosity we provide for our fellow congregants, our fellow Jews, and our fellow citizens.  Even from the safety of our homes we can do our part in Tikun Olam, in mending the world.

The week of Lag BaOmer was a celebration of the mitzvot we fulfill individually and together.


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Mitzvah goreret mitzvah, one mitzvah leads to another. So take a selfie, a screenshot, or a short video, and send to [email protected] with a short explanation, so we can put together a slide-show for Havdallah, and feature your contributions throughout the week on social media. If you post on Social Media, tag Holy Blossom Temple, and use #hbtmitzvahweek

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