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Yom Kippur Afternoon Study Sessions

Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 1:30-3:00 pm

“Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue” with Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella
On Yom Kippur we read: “Cry out with a full throat, do not hold back, let your voice resound like a shofar! …If you remove lawlessness from your midst, the pointing finger, the malicious word… then your light shall shine in the darkness and your night become bright as noon. (Isaiah 58). Hear one of Canada’s leading voices for justice reflect on these ancient words and on what they demand of us today. Justice Abella will receive the Rabbi W. Gunter Plaut Humanitarian Award.


“Shepherd and Sheep” with Professor Judith Baskin
The haunting and often misunderstood High Holy Day prayer, Unetaneh Tokef, personifies God as a Shepherd and the Jewish people as sheep. Where does this imagery come from and what meanings does it have for us today?




“The Federal Election, The Jewish Community, and YOU” with CJPAC and CIJA
Mark Waldman from CJPAC, the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, will cover how to get involved in an election campaign. Sophie Helpard from CIJA, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, will cover the public policy issues that matter most to the Jewish community.


“When a Turn Takes You By Surprise: Once Woke But No Longer” with Rabbi John Moscowitz
A rabbi and former Leftist reflects on his unexpected departure from the Left, including the role Judaism played in his transformation —and what it all means for Jews today.



“Searching for the Secrets to Long Life: a Cartoonist’s Journey” with Cartoonist Rebecca Roher
Interviews of European one-hundred-year-olds reveal the secrets of life and first-hand accounts of the past century. Come for a sneak peek into Roher’s upcoming graphic novel, One Hundred Year-old Wisdom. Join the discussion on the meaning of longevity, regret, forgiveness, courage, and love.



“What Did They Say When…?” with Rabbi Bill Tepper
We’ve seen harder times than these. Discover excerpts of Yom Kippur sermons by noted Reform rabbis of our past. What was happening in the world then? How did they urge Jews to respond? And if you were writing a sermon today, what would you say?




October 9, 2019
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
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  • Ted Schipper

    I thought Yom Kippur was Wednesday, October 9th, not the day before as listed with the Yom Kippur day speakers. Nothwithstanding this, the list of speakers is exciting and it will be difficult to choose.

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