Our professional teaching staff are committed and experienced teachers who are devoted to giving your child a positive and nurturing educational and social environment in which to thrive.

Allow us to introduce ourselves...

  • Wendy Steinberg Himmel
    Wendy Steinberg Himmel Director of the Early Childhood Centre

    Phone extension: 240

  • Joanne Hoffman
    Joanne Hoffman Kita Dalet
  • Sharon Stein
    Sharon Stein Kita Gimel
  • Bluma Feintuch
    Bluma Feintuch Kita Gimel
  • Brooke Yasskin
    Brooke Yasskin Kita Aleph
  • Susan Marcus
    Susan Marcus Kita Hei
  • Gail Hammerschlag
    Gail Hammerschlag Kita Dalet
  • Marla Litowitz
    Marla Litowitz Kita Bet
  • Terry Wine
    Terry Wine Kita Bet
  • Eve Smagala
    Eve Smagala Kita Aleph & Bet
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