Giving to Renewal

We proudly recognize our members who, through their generosity and concern for the congregation, have already chosen to join one of our donor circles of honour. By making extraordinary commitments to renewal, scores of donors have raised their hands and said, “Hineni – here I am.”

Members of our Circles of Honour will have their names proudly displayed in prominent areas of Temple. By joining one of these exciting Circles, members are confirming their belief in our Congregation’s future. Together, we are ensuring that Holy Blossom Temple continues its inspiring role as a beacon of Reform Judaism in Toronto, Canada and across the Jewish world.


שבטי ישראל


$100,000 | Less than $253* per month!

The new Entrance from the Atrium to the Main Sanctuary will be adorned by gorgeous panels bearing artwork representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel, a theme which also appears in our Sanctuary’s stained glass windows. One of the most widely trafficked areas in Temple, this contemplative Entrance creates a physical transition to the sacred. Our very special “Tribes of Israel” Donors will be honoured through the dedication of the Tribes of Israel panels, with their names proudly displayed on the Main Level of the Atrium.



$50,000 – $99,999 | Less than $503* per month!

Holy Blossom Temple’s historic building, dedicated in 1938 and then expanded in the 1960s, is held up by many physical pillars. Pillars are also evocative of our ancient texts, in which pillars of fire and cloud are said to have guided the wandering Israelites, following the Exodus from Egypt. Our Temple’s pillars keep Holy Blossom balanced, proud and secure. Donors at the Pillar level will together dedicate the “Pillars of Holy Blossom” and will be recognized on a group sign, located on the Lower Ground Level of the Atrium.



$25,000 – $49,999 | Less than $253* per month!

One physical representation of a united Congregation is our brand new Spiral Staircase which ascends from the Lower Ground Level, all the way up to the Third Level Landing. The Staircase transforms our Congregation as it visibly connects the people, programs and services of Holy Blossom Temple. The “Steps to Renewal” Donor Level also references the famous Biblical tract in which Jacob has a vision of a stairway leading to heaven. Donors at the Steps level will together dedicate the “Steps to Renewal” and will be recognized on a group sign on the Third level, overlooking the entirety of the Atrium.

Giving with Efficiency: Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities

You’ve probably heard that “cash is king,” but when it comes to your Holy Blossom Renewal payments, that may not always be true. Did you know that gifts of appreciated stocks are often the most efficient way for donors to have impact while garnering major savings at tax time? “Many people have benefited from the strong stock market over the past eight years,” explains David Baskin, Holy Blossom Past President and President of Baskin Wealth Management. “Shares of companies like BCE and the major Canadian banks have all doubled in price. With that profit, however, comes the need to pay capital gains tax upon sale, and that can eat up more than one-quarter of the entire gain. By making a gift of securities the donor avoids that capital gains tax in full, and still gets a tax credit for the entire value of the gift.”

* Monthly amount is based on 60 payment months and is an estimate of total out of pocket costs of the donation, after provincial and federal tax credits. Please note that this estimate does not take into account all possible tax situations. For more information please refer to

* Pledges may be paid over up to five years.

* For gifts of more than $100,000.00, a variety of exciting naming opportunities are available throughout the building. For more information, please contact Jonathan Ain, Director of Development, at 416.789.3291. ext. 249.

To join a Circle of Honour, please contact Jonathan Ain, Director of Development, at 416.789.3291 ext 249 or at [email protected]
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