Make your gift today and DOUBLE your impact

We, the young congregants of Holy Blossom Temple, are excited and inspired by our Renewed building. We know that our new facilities are paving the way to a flourishing future for ourselves and the next generations.

We also know that without the tremendous generosity of our member-donors, all that we are enjoying today would not be possible. For this reason, the YAD (Young Adult Division) of Holy Blossom Temple has committed itself to a fundraising campaign that reflects our value of environmental sustainability.

We are proud that the environmental standards of the Renewal Project have been high enough to apply for LEED Silver certification. While this has come with extra costs at the upfront, we know that the investment will pay off many times over – in terms of the health of our planet and its people.

We invite you to join us in this fundraising effortAll monies raised will be matched one-to-one by the generosity of donor, Michael Bernstein, and will go towards sustainability in the renewed space. Read more about Michael below.

The names of all donors will be recognized on a permanent sign that explains the YAD Fundraising initiative and our combined dedication of the Temple’s LEED certification.

Make your gift today – and have double the impact.

Michael Bernstein Doubles the Impact

Michael has been a member of Holy Blossom since 2007 when, with his wife Nandini DasGupta, they started a family which grew to three kids:  Ajanta, Kobi and Keya.

As a parent in a multi-faith family, and with all the challenges that our society faces today, Michael is a strong believer in teaching and practicing foundational values and in Tikkum Olam.  So whether it is accepting a stranger, the environment and sustainability, helping the less fortunate, or defending human rights and social justice, it is his hope that the renewal of Holy Blossom will encourage a new generation of Jews (and others) to continue the tradition of striving to make this world a better place.  That is why he is excited to be part of the YAD (Youth Adult Division) fundraising program.

Michael was a director of Youth in Motion and a mentor to a couple of Canada’s Top 20 under 20 recipients.  He is from Montreal and originally studied philosophy before going into business and finance. Read Michael’s full Bio here.

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