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Holy Blossom Temple Stagecraft Company was founded in 1994 by several Temple members. Our mandate is simple: to produce plays with Jewish themes and content, and to have fun while doing them. It’s a challenge to produce high-quality theatre, given the demands of time, pressures of family and a scarcity of funding.

Nevertheless, we draw upon the resources at Holy Blossom — thanks to a corps of actors, directors, lighting and sound technicians, and carpenters — to deliver entertaining, yet thoughtful productions. The fact we have a faithful audience, that often numbers several hundred, attests to our success.

I’m Not Rappaport, The Last Night of Ballyhoo, The Sisters Rosenzweig, The Price, Yentl, Crossing Delancey, Women’s Minyan, None Is Too Many, The Cemetery Club, A Shylock,The Action Against Sol Schumann, Einstein’s Gift, God of Vengeance, Brooklyn Boy, Gideon, The Last Days of Rachel Samuel, The Angel Capone, and Pillars of Salt.

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