A Call for Unity

A full-page ad in Monday’s Ha’aretz purports to speak on behalf of more than a million Israeli voters who demand a government of unity in place of the present seemingly dysfunctional setup. As [...]

An Unnecessary War

Mark Lavie has had a distinguished career in journalism. I well remember listening to his informative and unbiased reports from Israel on CBC radio. He has also written books. The latest is [...]

Putin and the Israeli Elections

A cartoon in Ha’aretz (January 14) shows Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, in a room with his cyber hackers. One of them asks his president something to the effect: “Are we on the side of [...]

New Election Manipulations

Mordechai Kremnitzer, professor emeritus of law at the Hebrew University, cites in his Ha’aretz column of January 10 the old story about the man who murdered his parents and then claimed clemency [...]

Aliyah Schizophrenia

“Israel is doing a decent job of bringing people here but a terrible job of bringing these immigrants fully into the fold of the Jewish people. Because the only way to do that is to guarantee [...]

Unrest before Israel’s April Election

Individuals who feel uncomfortable in their marriages often assume that the grass is greener elsewhere. It doesn’t need much of an upheaval for a partner to act on that fantasy and leave the [...]

Fears and Prayers

The day after it was announced that Israelis will go to the polls on April 9, a headline in the Times of Israel read: “Early election timing likely more to do with graft-dodging than [...]

Reform as an Insult; Reform Insulted

A court of law in Israel may soon have to decide whether to call someone Reform is an insult. Adina Bar Shalom – the daughter of the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, the sister of [...]

Don’t Trust in the Great

Trump supporters in Israel seem to have gone silent after his announcement that he’s bringing home the remaining 2,200 American soldiers in Syria which will give Iran a freer hand to attack us [...]

Will Benny Gantz Save Israel?

Israelis are getting tired of Binyamin Netanyahu. The continued saga of his possible indictment for bribery and related matters reflect his less than healthy relationship to money. The reported [...]

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