Remembering Auschwitz in Jerusalem

Many of the world’s VIPs are in Jerusalem today: heads of state or their deputies, heads of government, foreign ministers and other important dignitaries from more than 40 countries. They’ve come [...]

Shrinking the Conflict

In an effort to balance the pessimistic reflections in my references to Micah Goodman’s analysis of the situation created by the occupation, let me now cite from the same essay by Goodman in The [...]

From Dreams to Fears

US President Trump promises/threatens again to release his plan for resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict before the March 2 elections in Israel.

Rabbinic Reflection: Rabbi Jordan Helfman

This past weekend, I stood in a room packed with around five hundred participants - most of them families with school-aged children - packing backpacks with supplies, weaving waterproof mats out [...]

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