Rabbi Dow Marmur

Rabbi Dow Marmur, Rabbi Emeritus at Holy Blossom Temple, was born in Poland in 1935 and spent the years of World War II in the Soviet Union before returning to Poland in 1946. Two years later, he emigrated to Sweden, where he went to school. In 1957, he moved to London, England to study for the rabbinate at the Leo Baeck College, from which he graduated in 1962.

Before becoming Senior Rabbi of Holy Blossom in 1983, Rabbi Marmur served two congregations in Britain. He retired from his position of Senior Rabbi at Holy Blossom Temple in 2000.

Rabbi Marmur has enjoyed an impressive career outside the synagogue walls, most recently as Interim Executive Director of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, in Jerusalem. He is a Senior Fellow of Massey College, University of Toronto, a Fellow of St. Michael’s College. Between 2007 and 2014 he was an Appointed Bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Rabbi Marmur has written six books and edited two. His articles on Jewish theology, Zionism, Israel, marriage and related problems, and Jewish/Christian relations have appeared in Jewish and non-Jewish publications in Britain, Canada and elsewhere.

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