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Judaism has a two-thousand-year-old tradition of being led by rabbis. “Rabbi” literally means “my teacher,” most appropriate for a tradition based on learning of sacred texts – the foundational document and symbol for which is our Torah. So, the leading by rabbis is not that of a politician or a CEO, but rather that of a teacher steeped in the wisdom of Jewish tradition, capable of interpreting that tradition in each generation.

The position of the cantor or chazzan is of more recent origin, but the function of the cantor is no less ancient than that of the rabbi. If the rabbi is to teach God’s Torah, the cantor is to lead the congregation in communicating with the Divine in the midst of worship. Together, learning and worship, Torah and Avodah, form two of the three fundamental pillars of Judaism and jointly lead to the third: Gemilut Chasidim, doing kindness for others.

Clergy Profiles

Rabbi Yael Splansky, Senior Rabbi
Cantor David Rosen
Rabbi Jordan Helfman, Associate Rabbi
Rabbi Zachary Goodman, Assistant Rabbi
Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers
Rabbi Dow Marmur, Rabbi Emeritus
Rabbi John Moscowitz, Rabbi Emeritus
Cantor Emeritus Benjamin Maissner

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