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Remembering Barry Silver z”l

Our Past President Barry Silver hoped to be called to the Torah one last time tomorrow.  He planned to share the Aliyah with his son Josh.  He planned to wear what he called “his Bar Mitzvah tallis,” because this Shabbat Chayei Sarah was his Bar Mitzvah portion so many years ago.

You see, Barry’s father died just before Barry’s Bar Mitzvah day.  Instead of proudly taking his place on the bimah of the sanctuary he loved, instead of joyfully celebrating with congregation and family, young Barry sat shiva for his father.  Months later Rabbi Plaut arranged for Barry to read Chayei Sarah even though the Torah cycle was by then set to another book altogether.  And a generation later, Josh read from Chayei Sarah on his own Bar Mitzvah day to honour the grandfather he never knew.  L’Dor vaDor.

When I spoke with Barry two days ago he told me how sorry he was that he wouldn’t be able to have that final Aliyah with Josh.  I assured him that an even greater Aliyah, an even greater ascent was awaiting him.  Barry died early this morning with his son Josh at his side.

Parashat Chayei Sarah begins with the death of Sarah and ends with the death of Abraham.  But in between are the chapters which tell of the establishment of the next generation.  This is why the name of the entire portion is “The Life of Sarah.”  How Sarah lived and died gives way to the next generation.

Not long ago, Barry told me he hoped he’d get to be the President of Holy Blossom Temple in Heaven.  He loved our congregation, as we loved him.  Barry’s life and his death were so intertwined into the story of Holy Blossom.  He took pride in seeing how a strong future was beginning to reveal itself.

Let’s honour our Past President Barry Silver, alav haShalom, as he brought honour to our congregation.

Interment at Holy Blossom Memorial Park: November 15, 2020, at 12:00 pm.   While the number of participants at the cemetery is restricted, all may join for the funeral service via Zoom.  Please follow this link to Benjamin’s website. may Barry’s memory be a blessing to Gail, Josh and Jordana, and a blessing to what Barry fondly called “his second home,” Holy Blossom.

Shabbat Shalom.

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  • Jeannette Falstein

    Julianne and family,
    Wishing you comfort and support in this sad time of sorrow and loss. I hope the many friends and family around you help remind you that you are loved and not alone.

  • Sharon Smith-Miller

    Barry was a true “gutte neshama” and my cousin as well as a friend.
    He always greeted me at temple with a hearty Hi Cuz and a warm embrace!
    Sincere condolences to Gail, Jordana and Josh, Julianne and Mindy.
    I hope the quilt brought him comfort.

  • Melville & Elke Olsberg

    It was my pleasure to have known Barry A.H., so many years ago and to see him lead Temple as President. I well remember when he tutored the Confirmation Class and i thought that he was so young to be able to do that. May Gail and the Family be comforted by the expressions of love from the many people who will remember Barry with love and affection.

  • Melville & Elke Olsberg

    Barry as a true mensch and it was my pleasure to know him and his dedication to Temple. I well remember many years ago when he tutored the Confirmation class and I thought how young he was to take that on. May Gail and the family be comforted that Barry was indeed special and loved.

  • Andrew Stein

    My condolences to Barry’s entire family
    Barry & I met each other Over 35 years ago through business and Our relationship grew into a great friendship
    Barry was a great friend and I will miss him greatly

  • Demetra Nikolakakos

    Our sincerest condolences to Gail, Jordana and Josh for the passing of their beloved husband and father Barry Silver. May his memory be eternal and may he be president of the Holy Blossom in Heaven. Rest peacefully in Gods Kingdom

  • Gabrielle Blair

    Although I only met Barry once after his mother died, and I’m sure he wouldn’t remember me, his sister Julianne has been a very good friend of mine for many years. Julianne has kept me informed about Barry’s illness and a few days ago she told me that Barry would be departing this planet very soon. It saddened her and me to know that, due to Covid, she was not allowed to visit her dear brother to say goodbye. My sincere condolences to Julianne and Barry’s family and friends.

  • Jennifer Fineberg

    My sincere condolences to the Silver family.

  • Mindy Silver Zeifman

    Many thanks for this reflection of my brother and our family.


    My condolences to the Silver family overthe loss of Barry. May his memory always be for a blessing.

  • Florence Hertzman

    So sorry to hear of Barry’s Passing..he was such fine Temple President and long-time member.
    My sincere condolences to Gail, Jordana and Josh..

  • Sandy Atlin

    Thankyou for this beautiful reflection. It was a pleasure for me seeing Barry as the “Gramps” to my great-grandsons, Joey and Myles, beside my son, Mark…their “Papa”. Josh and Stacey have entwined our families forever and for this I am grateful. He will be sadly missed.

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