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Our outstanding teachers at HBT-ECC deserve to be recognized every day!


We have both been enjoying working at Holy Blossom for some time now. Gail has been here for 14 years and Joanne has been working for 33 years. The two of us, together, started working in JK and have loved working in the older middle-age nursery classes.  We both love working together and enjoy coming to school each day. We love what we do and have so much fun doing our jobs.

We have both been working in extended day programs for the last few years as well.

Throughout the years we have shared many Simchas together; graduations, weddings and grandchildren and other major accomplishments.

We have taught so many wonderful children over the years and have had the pleasure of meeting many families in the community.

We want to thank you all for sending your children to Holy Blossom and entrusting them in our care.

Gail and Joanne have made the transition back to school seamless. I feel eternally grateful that my son is in their class. They are kind, loving, caring and are teaching him so so much. Each morning when he wakes up he asks when he can go to school I couldn’t ask for more and I feel so lucky.

 Dear Joanne and Gail,                                                                                                                                                  

 On ECE Appreciation Day we wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Theo and all the kids in Kita Dalet! His transition has been SO smooth and he absolutely loves coming each day- this is a true testament to your caring, loving and patient approach to our kids! You both make it so easy to drop Theo off each day knowing he is safe and so well cared for. It means the world to us as parents!! Thank you, we appreciate you today and every day!! 


The teachers at Holy Blossom ECC are outstanding. 

I have my third child in the school currently. I love every aspect of the school. 

The teachers are warm, nurturing, experienced and extremely lovely. 

In fact, the teachers are what makes the ECC what it is! A special environment where children thrive with play-based learning and a truly wonderful education. 

I love Holy Blossom’s teachers. They are engaged and connected to the children. 


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