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Our outstanding teachers at HBT-ECC deserve to be recognized every day!


It has been a fantastic start to the new team teaching in Kita Bet. This is Marla’s third year teaching at the ECC and Steph’s first year. Marla and Steph have been good friends for years and bring so much positive energy and great ideas to the classroom.

Marla is married with 3 children, two of whom are away at the University of Western Ontario.  She has one son living at home in grade 10. Steph is married with two girls one is 14 and one is 11.

Together, their many years of teaching and a love for children radiate onto your children.   Even though these are very challenging and different times they will make sure your child has the best experience and has the opportunity to thrive and develop in our pre-nursery class.

“Holy Blossom Early Education Center is a warm and special place.  Having sent my two older children through the program, I was excited to start with our third child but apprehensive about how covid-19 regulations would look in this setting.  We have been very impressed with the school’s ability to prioritize hygiene and safety while still creating a fun and nurturing learning environment.  The school has been using Seesaw to safely communicate and give families windows into the school day.  The teachers have gone above and beyond to make nursery school a positive experience.  Thank you!”


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