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Our outstanding teachers at HBT-ECC deserve to be recognized every day! 

This year, it is important to recognize not just the tremendous job our teachers do every day but to acknowledge the way they have taken their duties to a higher level through this COVID-19 pandemic. For the coming weeks, we will be featuring each classroom, highlighting the teachers and the program. The article and pictures will also be featured weekly on the Temple website


This is Susan’s third year and Monique’s first year teaching at Holy Blossom Temple ECC and from the very start, this is proving to be a strong team! Susan is the mother of two married daughters, has three grandchildren and another on the way, and Monique is Mom to three teenagers! Together they have over 25 years of experience in the field of early childhood education. “Teaching young children is our passion and although this school year is different in many ways, it is our intention to continue to provide a warm, welcoming and nurturing class environment, a home away from home where the children feel safe and happy. We both strongly believe in the power of play and that children learn so much when given the opportunity and time to play freely. Our mornings in Kita Gimel consist of a good balance of both structured and open-ended free play activities geared to enhance all developmental domains. We look forward to participating in your children’s growth and development as they explore, experience and learn new skills throughout the school year.”

Morah Susan and Monique are two wonderful women, who are so warm, caring and helpful with my 2 years old son that has helped him to make an easy transition from being a baby at home into a ‘school-boy’. Thank you for your never-ending hard work and devotion.


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