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Tishrei Thanks

First, thank you for saying thank you. We’ve been overwhelmed by notes of gratitude for what we were able to provide our congregation throughout the High Holy Days. It is so gratifying to know that we were able to reach you, that you were uplifted, that you took comfort, that you felt connected to one another in meaningful ways. Our team of lay and professional leadership have been preparing since Pesach and in earnest since July when Cantor Rosen arrived. All the deliberations and decisions, all the planning and coordination really paid off. Everyone did his and her part and all the pieces of the puzzle came together beautifully. There were some glitches along the way, but for the most part, everything went remarkably smoothly. I admit, it was stressful and I pray we will never have to have an empty sanctuary again, but most of all I am filled with gratitude for this tremendous congregation and for my extraordinary Holy Blossom partners.

We thank our Virtual Ushers, organized by Karen Abells and Judy Malkin.
Charolette Axelrod, Sara Charney, Phyllis Denaburg, Barbara Hodes, Elana Paice Lidsky, Karen Mock, Alberto Quiroz, Eric Roher, Avra Rosen, Sam Sapera, Mark Schlossberg, Alexis Singer, Julie Solomon, and Jill Witkin

We thank our Virtual Gabbaim
Levi Cassidy, Pavle Levkovic, and Avishai Sol, Carly Baldachin, Charlotte Axelrod, and Aubrey Freedman

We thank our Study Session Hosts
Mark Anshan, Michael Davis, Hershell Ezrin, Dennis Helfman, Ruby Knafo, Mark Madras. Avram Musafija. Howard Roger, Tema Smith, Rachel Strauss, and Dr. Jonathan Zipursky

Many thanks to our Teachers on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur Afternoons
Rabbi John Moscowitz, Rabbi Bill Tepper, Rabbi Ilyse Glickman, Cynthia Good, Ambassador Bob Rae, Rabbi Rachel Sabath-Beit Halachmi, Dr. Harvey Schipper, Miriam Borden, Adam Sol, and Temple Archivists Sheila Smolkin, Michael Cole, Katie Goodman, Susan Cohen, and Howard Roger. As well as Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey, The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, MPP Dr. Jill Andrew, and City Councillor Josh Matlow.

Yasher Koach to our Torah and Haftarah Chanters
Lauren Adelson
Ellie Davidson
Hannah Lewis
Helena Fine
Eli Sol
Jeff Denaburg
Ellen Lupu
Brenda Saunders
Susan Baskin
Judy Malkin
Jill Kamin
Debra Bennett,
Lisa Isen Baumal
Jennifer Shiner
Brian Lidsky
Pavle Levkovic
Marc Levy
Levi Cassidy
Mike Morgulis
Joeley Pulver
Taiga Lipson
Adam Sniderman
Gail Kerbel
Mark Cassidy
Dr. David Greenberg
Suzanne Hersh
Ted Shafran
Paula Warren

Yasher Koach to our Kol Nidre Torah Carriers:
Dr. Yoel Abells, Dr. David Greenberg, Jack Kugelmass, and Dr. Elie Shor

Yasher Koach to Arieh and Val Waldman for leading our Rosh HaShanah Seder.

Yasher Koach to the Leaders of our Service Music and Arts:
David and Judy Gershon, Jared Gershon, Rebecca Roher, Avishai Sol, Jesse Sol, Rob Sniderman, Adam Sniderman, Dr. Mark Weinstock

We are proud of our Teen Leadership under the direction of Lisa Isen Baumal and HABSTY President, Eli Sol: Seth Kirsh, Sophie Atkinson, Danielle Lester, Elliott Friedland, Shoshana Iny, Lilah Petersiel, and Camille Lisser.

Todah Rabbah to our High Holy Day Family Activity Kits: Judy and Jack Winberg and Family, Phyllis Cincinatis, Claudia, Greg and Aurilia Paradis, Ryan Jamieson, the Leo Baeck Day School, PJ Library and URJ Camp George.

Kol HaKavod to Gerry Prendergast, VP of our Worship Department and members of our Worship Committee for good guidance.

Kol HaKavod to the Temple Board of Directors and the COVID Cabinet for navigating our way to a model of services that would be safe and meaningful for all. Special thanks to Tom Friedland who took the lead on researching required audio and video equipment.

We are grateful for the generosity of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR Press) for making all the High Holy Day liturgies available for our online use.

We thank our Team of Holy Blossom Professionals, under the direction of Executive Director, Ron Polster: Dalia Alalouf, Lisa Isen Baumal, JoAnne Bieman, Abigail Carpenter-Winch, Wendy Himmel, Deanna Levy, Sean McCavery, Heidi Miller, Lindsay Mockler, Neomi Offman, Ellen Ostofsky, Debbie Spiegel, Iris Spitz, Dante Thorne, Ella Vatagsky, Cindy Zimmer. With special thanks to those who ran the Tech Helpline.

Our spirits were uplifted by the music of our professional Choir, Temple Singers, and professional musicians under the direction of Cantor Rosen and our Musician-in-Residence, Jason Justadt.

We were connected by our Production Team, SAVI, under the direction of Cantor Rosen, Ron Polster, and the tremendous Deanna Levy.

We were inspired by the spiritual leadership of our Clergy Team: Rabbi Zachary Goodman, Rabbi Jordan Helfman, Cantorial Soloist Lindi Rivers, and Cantor David Rosen.

These High Holy Days will never fade from our personal or collective memories. They will go down in history as the Days when everyone stayed home and were united nevertheless.

We now turn our attention to Sukkot, the festival which is celebrated with pure joy despite the fragility of life. The goodness of the harvest is brought into the sukkah with its shaky walls and leaky roof. It is there that we raise our cups and count our blessings.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!

Check out our one-of-a-kind, custom-designed Drive-in Sukkah, thanks to Darren Sukonick and Matthew Sapera

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  • Bertye Gluckstein

    My husband and I enjoyed Kol Nidre service in a totally new and I might add a very pleasant change
    Didn’t have to drive or dress up and sat in the comfort of our home watching and enjoying all your efforts .We were blown away by the music and the effort all of you put into this endeavour
    Well done

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