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‘Come out’ to be seen this Saturday night?

As the High Holy Day season draws to a close with Shemini Atzeret on Friday night and Saturday (including Yizkor as part of the 10:00 am service), we will have an opportunity to gather and be seen, switching from serious reflection to serious fun.

Come out (metaphorically) at 7:00 pm on Saturday night to see your friends, re-connect with your community, and rejoice with the Torah.  Register here for the Zoom link.

I’ll tell you –  I need the fun and frivolity – the feeling of community and teamwork.   Shemini Atzeret is seen as the final ingathering of the community when we’re not ready to say goodbye to this season.  Gathering is so important – being seen and seeing one another.  It may seem like just fun –  but reaching out to form community is the root of these Holy Days – and so let’s come out, see each other – and linger just a bit more in this season.

Put up your favourite Holy Blossom Temple background, and Holy Moses, will we celebrate the Torah, the community which comes together, again and again, to bring its highest teachings to life.

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