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Notes of Gratitude


Hello JoAnne,

Chag Sameach!

I wanted to thank you so much for sending along this ticket and allowing us to participate in the services. Our residents have enjoyed this immensely are were so grateful for the opportunity. We look forward to watching the Yom Kippur services as well. Please find attached some pictures of our residents from the service this morning.

Please let me know if there is any means by which we can properly thank you.

Kindest regards and Shana Tovah,

Shir Grunebaum
Life Enrichment Assistant
Amica On the Avenue

Dear JoAnne,

Please pass on my sincerest thank you to Holy Blossom for allowing the residents at Forest Hill Place to live stream the services. They were very well attended.

I took a picture of the Yom Kippur evening service when there was a violinist playing. We had so many residents that I couldn’t take a picture of the whole group watch as 10 were only technically allowed to attend.

Thank you again!

Are you planning anything for Simchat Torah we can live stream?

Sabrina Ruffolo
Director of Recreation
Forest Hill Place by Revera
645 Castlefield Avenue, Toronto, ON M5N 3A5

Dear Ron and Rabbi Splansky,

I learned today from two attendees that the Russell Hill Residence now shows the HBT Shabbat morning service in its main hall on Shabbat morning. How lovely! And both people who told me, including my father-in-law Rabbi Baskin, participated and were very complimentary.

In the middle of a very busy time for you all, you did a kind deed that meant a lot to those who participated.
Thank you!

Joan Garson

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  • Debby Vigoda

    How does put into words the appreciation for the tremendous efforts of the hundreds of members, and staff would have implemented meaningful services and learning opportunities for our congregation. Many of us are still “sharing” the significance of the what we experienced. Our thanks to EVERYONE who was involved in the planning and implementation of these UNIQUE days.
    Stay safe and well. Fondly, Debby Vigoda

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