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Thanks to so many of us, Holy Blossom Congregation is responding generously to the Extended Annual Appeal: Covid Campaign. Every congregant has a special reason for supporting this campaign. Here are three who are sharing their motivation for supporting Temple in this time of urgent need.


The Kaufman Family

“In good times, it’s easy to support causes close to your heart. But during difficult ones, it’s never been more important and meaningful for our family to share our gratitude, and invest in the strength and future of Holy Blossom. As our steadfast Jewish home, this is a chance for us to reflect back the faith, values and generosity of spirit that Temple has always instilled in us.”


David, Sarah, Max and Jacob Kaufman
Members since 2003


Deanna Levy

“Holy Blossom Temple, like so many, many organizations, has been challenged both financially and physically during this pandemic. I am honoured to contribute to the Extended Appeal: COVID Campaign to keep our Kehila Kedosha strong and vital as we weather these challenges.

Giving to the extended appeal enables all of us at Holy Blossom to continue to provide the meaningful programs and services that uplift and inspire our community. We care at HBT and I care.”

Deanna, Director of Communications and Marketing, HBT
Member since 2017


Gary Posen

“One of the things that I have greatly missed during the pandemic is being able to be physically present at Holy Blossom Temple. Yes, I could attend Shabbat services virtually. Yes, I could participate in adult education courses by means of Zoom. Yes, I appreciated the beautifully produced High Holydays services online…But I missed being in the building. I missed the atmosphere. I missed the people.

I know that COVID 19 will eventually come to an end and we will all be able to enjoy Holy Blossom again in person. When that day arrives, I want to be sure that our Temple will be in reasonable financial health and able to carry on its good works.

That is why I have responded positively to the Holy Blossom Special COVID 19 Appeal with my gift, paid over time. I hope you, too, will respond.”

Gary, Warden
Member since 1979


We’re more than halfway to our target of $500,000 in 2020 with over $330,000 pledged or paid. Our target goal is $1,00,000 over two years. Thank you to every single generous donor. Together you have brought us so far.

Holy Blossom has a rich tradition and for 165 years has been a leading congregation in Toronto. Over the course of this long history, there have been times when Temple has been seriously impacted by world events, the most recent of course being the Coronavirus pandemic. The impact of Covid has been very sharp; there is still a way to go to meet our target, and the need is urgent. Please give what you can to respond to Covid, and stand with those who have over the years of our history ensured that we remained Toronto’s first synagogue.


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