In Our Virtual Mishkan, preschool

Our outstanding teachers at HBT-ECC deserve to be recognized every day!

This year, it is important to recognize not just the tremendous job our teachers do every day but to acknowledge the way they have taken their duties to a higher level through this COVID-19 pandemic. For the coming weeks, we will be featuring each classroom, highlighting the teachers and the program.


This is the first year that Terry and Brooke are team teaching.
This is Terry’s 2nd year at the ECC and 3rd year for Brooke.

“Although this year is different than last, it is just as much fun. We are enjoying the youngest children in the school.  Our hope for this year is that all the children will integrate and thrive, be proud of being in Kita Aleph and will have a wonderful loving pre-nursery experience full of discovery and learning.

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