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Sampling the HHD Experience at HBT

As the High Holidays approach, many of you have been asking about the experience and what services will feel like. Many of you have already read our FAQs about the holidays and if you haven’t, this LINK will provide you with the answer to many of your questions.

In the next few weeks, we will be sending out clips from our rehearsals of the High Holy Days, so you can have the opportunity to view them and get a better feel for how the experience will feel for you in your home.

As part of our preparation, we will be livestreaming our Kabbalat Shabbat Service from the Main Sanctuary on Friday, September 11th at 6 pm. We encourage you to join us for this Shabbat so you can truly get a feel for what services will look and feel like. Join us online here!

Over the past few months, many physical and financial resources have been invested in upgrading both our visual and audio equipment in order to livestream our holiday services in an optimum way. Unlike services that have been streamed on Zoom, there are some of the things that will be different.

  • Clergy will be leading from the same physical space (socially distant of course)
  • High Definition Video with 3 different cameras to capture different angles and depths in our sanctuary
  • Professional streaming service to troubleshoot issues and provides us with High Definition streaming
  • an on-site audio engineer to create optimum sound and balance
  • scrolling Liturgy at the bottom of the page
  • some pre-recorded material to increase participation and for the safety of everyone involved

In addition to this list, I encourage all of you to use the best possible audio and visual equipment you have at home to enjoy the full experience. Despite our major upgrades in equipment and technology, your experience watching services on a cell phone, cannot be the same as watching on a high definition computer screen or television. Here are 5 simple, yet very effective ways of enhancing your home technology:

  1. Try to make the Device you are watching as big as possible!!! (HDMI cable from the computer to Television, use your smart TV ROKU, Apple TV, YOUTUBE)
  2. Invest in a decent pair of external speakers
  3. Hardwire your computer to get the best signal possible!!!!!  (Ethernet/CAT 5 cable….this one will make a HUGE difference!)
  4. If you must use wifi, turn off the wifi on competing devices during the service (i.e. cell phone, tablet, printers, etc…)
  5. Don’t wait until the last minute to set-up your device!!!
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