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Sailing, Cycling and Rosh Hashanah during a Pandemic

Not so many years ago most Island Yacht Club (IYC) members were Jewish and a good number of them were members of Holy Blossom. When the weather was good and we complained about missing a good yacht club day in order to attend High Holiday services, we joked about having a service at the Island Yacht Club as we had more than a minyan of Holy Blossomers who were members.

A few weeks ago, I chanted Haftarah and my husband, Israel, had an Aliyah. Because of COVID-19, we were able to do this from the beautiful grounds of the IYC where we were spending the weekend. We then realized that we could make our former dream of High Holiday services at The IYC come true! This year we will participate in Rosh Hashanah from the IYC.

The Holy Blossom Cyclopaths and a few others will set up a big screen in the tent on the grounds of IYC and will use the excellent wifi of the Club to stream the service. We will put on our kippas and talitot and bring our machzorim. From the beautiful surroundings, we will participate in the service and sing Aveenu Malkenu together. We will feel the presence of G-d among friends there, 6 feet apart.

Afterwards, together, …apples and honey, challah, food and wine on a long table with a white tablecloth.

We will not let COVID-19 stop us from experiencing the beauty and spirituality of Rosh Hashanah!



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  • Ruth Ellen Greenwood

    Mazel tov, Rabbi Zachary and Katie! May he bring you much joy.

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