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Welcome to Holy Blossom Temple Preschool! We are delighted that your children are here and thank you for entrusting us with them.   May the New Year bring good health, new friends and many wonderful joys of discovery.

Our first week at the ECC has been quite a busy one!  For many children they are being dropped off for the first time and for others they’re the “big kids” in the nursery classes this year.  Under the caring guidance of our dedicated and compassionate teachers, all of the children have transitioned beautifully and have settled-in and feel comfortable. The staggered schedule, new this year, has been most helpful.  It has given the children and teachers an opportunity to connect in a special way.  In addition, the shorter day schedule for pre-nursery, extending the time spent each day, was also beneficial.  We are so proud of all the children and of course, you the parents, who have been so supportive this week.

This year I will be sending you an email each Friday.  Each class will highlight the week and give you a glance at the week ahead.

Each of you has recognized that you have a special child, a young Jewish child with special needs to be met.  By choosing a Jewish preschool like Holy Blossom, you are not only ensuring your child a complete, top quality early childhood education program in a positive Jewish environment, but you are also giving him or her a very clear message about your feeling that it is important to be Jewish.  This message that you give your children is crucial because it is the foundation for the child’s developing value system. Starting school this year was very different and may have been scary for both children and parents.   We take this into consideration when we gently and supportively ease your children into the school.  When we plan our curriculum, we are sure to include discussions, stories and songs around the separation anxiety and the beginning of new things.

As you can appreciate, a lot of time and effort has been required to open the school since we closed the doors in March.  This week proved that we have been rewarded by our efforts.  It really took an amazing ECC team to open up safety with all the new policies and protocols.

Thank you to:

  1. Debbie and Neomi in the ECC office
  2. The facilities team led by Sean
  3. Ron, our Executive Director
  4. Our extraordinary teaching staff – Marla, Steph, Terry, Brooke, Susan, Monique, Eve, Bluma, Sharon, Joanne and Gail
  5. Our parents for all their support and helping to prepare the children at home. We could not have done it without you.
  6. The children – when we are with them at school it is pure sunshine.

Wishing you all G’mar Hatima Tova, may you be sealed in the Book of Life.

Shabbat Shalom.

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