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He hadn’t spoken to his father in years, ever since he left the kibbutz in search of his religious roots. When Ran’s father suffered a sudden heart attack, he returns to the kibbutz filled with complicated emotions. Driving a rickety Hasidic Van, which breaks down along the way, Ran is anxious about the impending encounter with his father and the options for reconciliation. To see how this tale concludes, join us next week for a special screening of the Israeli short-film, “Tateh”.

This Tuesday, August 18th, we have an opportunity to connect with the Israeli Reform Movement in a very intimate way. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Holy Blossom Sisterhood, DDA-WZO and CZF, we will be joining together with members of our sister congregation in Israel, Kehilat Hashachar for an afternoon of film and cultural sharing. We will gather together online to screen an Israeli short-film, then have an opportunity to discuss in zoom breakout rooms. This is the second time our communities are coming together in this way, and we hope to continue doing so moving forward.

Please register ahead by clicking here.

Thanks to our sisterhoods, Holy Blossom and Kehilat Hashachar are connected through a program called Domim. The Domim-aLike Program creates real sisterhood ties to Israel by pairing Reform Jewish congregations in Israel with congregations around the world. To learn more about Holy Blossom’s connection to Kehilat Hashachar and for an incredible video showcasing our partnership, please follow this link.

We are making a commitment to connecting our communities more regularly and with deep meaning. While the short-film offers so much for us to unpack together about religion, Israel, and family dynamics, the true goal of our program is to build interpersonal connections and bridges between our congregations.

With this connection in mind, I am honoured to announce that the rabbi of Kehilat Hashachar, Rabbi Dalia Tibon, will be delivering the Shabbat Morning sermon at Holy Blossom on Saturday, August 22nd. We invite you to pray with us every Shabbat, and we especially hope that you will be with us as we learn from Rabbi Tibon. We hope to see you for the short-film event and Shabbat sermon next week!

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