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Update on Sharing Joy and Sharing Sorrow

“One who visits a person who is ill takes away a sixtieth of that person’s pain.” Nedarim 40a

How do we keep connected as a community?

Being part of a community heightens our joys and acts as a salve in moments of sorrow.  In every Wednesday weekly email from Holy Blossom, we are going to try to strengthen this connection by sharing the Simchas and Sorrows that we are aware of with the congregation.  If you know of a Simcha or a Sorrow that is not on this list, please email Abigail Carpenter-Winch ([email protected]) so we can share the news and be in touch. 

Additionally, if you would like to be informed of bereavements as we find out, please sign up for notifications here:  You can also send tribute cards from our website, as an easy way of making that connection.

We encourage you to reach out – both to your friends and perhaps to someone you do not yet know – and connect. Each outreach, especially now, reminds us that we are not alone.  Each check-in removes a bit of the sorrow or adds a bit to the Simcha.


Our community is our strength – thank you for strengthening Holy Blossom.

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  • Tere Quiroz

    I fully agree that when the burden (pain) is shared the load becomes lighter, especially now and more than ever we need a friend, a neighbor, a relative, an perhaps a stranger that shows that we care. And that indeed we are all in this together!

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