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Hello, this is Ellen Cole. I’m on the Board of Directors at Holy Blossom Temple and I’m calling today to check in with you and your family to see how you are coping with these current conditions. How is your family? And how are you? 

 Thus begins my weekly conversation with HBT congregants. I am one of several privileged volunteers who reach out to our community for a check-in as they cope with the “new normal”. 

 And it truly is a privilege. Everyone I speak with is touched and grateful that we take the time and that we truly care. I share my new mantra: stay safe, stay healthy, stay home – and stay connected. But mostly I just listen. 

 And the feedback is always so helpful.  I’ve shared recipes, tips on making masks and even who to call to change the winter tires – right at your house!  

 As I point out the services and programs that are available on the website for Zoom minyans, livestream Shabbat and holiday services, many of them already know. Their children are attending Sunday School with David Gershon or participating as Little Blossoms. 

 I am so proud of what Holy Blossom is doing for its congregation and so glad I am a part of this outreach initiative. I usually do it on a Friday so I can wish the congregant or family Shabbat shalom. And I always feel that I am getting as much or more than I am giving. 

This is what it means to volunteer – to get such an uplifting sense of satisfaction in reaching out – to listen and to truly be part of a congregation. 


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