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My membership at Holy Blossom Temple has meant the world to me. From a young age, I was able to meet other Jewish kids and learn about Judaism, and as I grew up, I was able to participate as a young adult. Through my membership, I was able to join in HABSTY (the youth group at HBT) and make memories and friends that will last me a lifetime. I was also introduced to the world of NFTY, which created some of my best high school moments. Now, as a university student, I am able to go to Holy Blossom for services, gather with friends, and learn. Holy Blossom has provided me with something for every stage of my life.

My membership at Holy Blossom is so much more than just going to high holiday services; it is just my introduction to the whole Jewish Community. If considering Holy Blossom, I 100% would say do it. It’s a great place to be!


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