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This week’s Torah portion is all about faith in the future. Do we feel that the path ahead is insurmountable, or just merely alarmingly difficult?

This is the question set before us, and our answer determines the nature of our faith. There are many who consider themselves to be part of faith communities, yet have lost a sense of future. And there are, in our community, many who reject the idea of Holy Blossom Temple as a beacon of Faith, who yet trudge down the difficult road each and every day towards a goal that is beyond sight.

For some, this is a very personal journey that benefits from the work of the Luke Sklar Mental Health group, including the program next Monday night.

Others are used to journeying with people physically around them in the surroundings of our building – marching on down the path of life towards what feels like a united goal.

And I know that there are others still, who do this work in their private lives, and not through Holy Blossom Temple, though they are loyal members of our community cheering us all along on the journey.

While I sometimes struggle with the term ‘faith-based,’ as non-descriptive of how many self-describe their attachment to Judaism – the lesson of this week’s Torah portion is clear that Faith is about our belief that the world can be changed. Join our IMPJ program coming up this Thursday towards a different Israel, and celebrate the constant change within ourselves and our community with Pride Havdallah this Saturday, all celebrations of how far we have come, and learnings about how much road is still ahead of us.

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