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In this week’s Torah portion, Naso, we learn that different families of priests are charged with carrying different sacred items.  All are allowed to use carts, but the ones with the most special burden, the Tent of Meeting, are required to carry it by hand.

Rabbi David Einhorn, who led the rabbinic response against slavery in the United States in the period leading up to the American Civil War, teaches, “It is thus always in Israel: The higher the rank, the heavier the burden.  The higher one wishes to stand, the deeper one needs to bow before God.”

We are all engaged in sacred contracting right now (tzimtzum) from our footprint in the physical world.  Some are looking for their rabbis to stand high and be heard.  But for all of us, including us rabbis, we need to often find other voices to lift and learn from.   Come learn this Friday night (details below).

Read the words of our member, Tema Smith, here:  And let’s continue to share and raise up voices that we wouldn’t normally engage with.

Read more about this important conversation here:

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