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A Night to Remember – June 10, at 7:30 pm

Join us for a once-only night to remember as we celebrate the 41-year career of Cantor Beny Maissner at Holy Blossom Temple. This online L’chaim celebration is the culmination of a series of exciting events that have taken place throughout the year.

It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate in these difficult times, and you will find the evening to be heart-warming, thoroughly enjoyable and professionally produced. It includes humour, tributes and reminiscences that will both delight and bring tears to our eyes. A special thank you to our entire Celebrations Committee who have worked tirelessly throughout the year. In particular, we thank Alan Gordon for conceiving and directing this June 10th event.

The night sums up what we have learned from Cantor Maissner – authenticity of worship, the ties between the many Jewish communities and eras, the relationship between the words and the music of prayer. His wonderful voice and musical intelligence allied with profound Jewish scholarship strengthened our ties to Israel, identity and values. Many of us started as observers and listeners; by the end of his tenure, we all participate in nusach and t’filah.

He has been with us at Simchas and in sorrows, sometimes by the bedside and always at the bimah. He has taught us, entertained us and shared new music. He has travelled with us. He has transported us as our Shaliach Tzibur. Cantor Maissner has had an undeniable impact on the synagogue which is so different today than the one he came to 41 years ago.

So, join the hundreds of families, congregants and others already registered here.  Share your own memories directly on Facebook that night, June 10th at 7:30. Make this once-only event an occasion – dress up, raise a glass of bubbly and say thank you and L’chaim to Cantor Benjamin Z. Maissner, to our Beny.


Helena Fine and Susan Cohen
Co-chairs, Cantor’s Celebrations Committee

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  • Debbie

    Dear Cantor Maissner,

    Even though my attendance at H. B. Was not consistent…all the chagim and Kabbalat Shabbatot, music concerts, special events and B’nei Mitzvah including those of my own 2 children that I attended for the last 40+ years (and there were many) were like honey in my mouth when you were officiating. No matter where I was sitting it or how crowded the sanctuary, it felt like you were beckoning me to join and sing. I loved how you wanted “shira b’tzibur”-that our voices joined with yours to fill the room with joy.

    I also loved your “performances” during some services where you indeed were the star. A bit of a diva, some would say but so richly deserved!! You prepared a special rendition of a beloved song or introduced an original piece to the consternaion of some but mostly to the delight of many. Your love of music, your artistry and your dedication were self evident.

    I also remember loving one of our Temple chavura meetings that I arranged. it was a musical evening with you and Ted Labow and we learned and sang and felt such joy with you. it was at the same time both relaxing and energizing!

    I have a letter from you inviting me to join the choir ( I had previously sung with the Beth Tzedec Choral group under the direction of Srul Glick) but your rehearsals were on Sunday morning and I teach on Sunday mornings so regretfully I had to decline. But maybe I got the better end of that as I was able to listen and hear the and sing with the music instead of making it.

    I could go on and on but basically Temple will never be the same without you. Maybe that is as it should be…the old making way for the new. And I am sure our new Chazan will bring wonderful musical gifts to Temple. BUT…it will not be you whose energy uplifts us. You will be sorely missed.

    I along with my husband Richard Banks wish you and your family well, along with good health and new adventures. Stay well, stay safe and keep making music. I hope you will surprise us often at Temple and sing with us when you can.

    with much affection,

    Debbie Sherman

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