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Hartman [email protected] 2020


Over four weeks between June 29 to July 23, 2020, in an unprecedented, free, month-long celebration of Jewish ideas, over 60 of our scholars from Israel and North America will address questions about citizenship, moral responsibilities and spiritual sustenance in a time of darkness and loss. Through lectures, discussions and seminars, we will consider the meanings of home and the transformations that we can shape out of this crisis.

Jewish learning is guided by questions

Here are some that are driving this year’s summer learning:

  1. What are our moral priorities and responsibilities in a time of crisis?
  2. Where can we find spiritual sustenance in this time of loss?
  3. How is the meaning of ‘home’ changing?
  4. How does transformation emerge in a time of pandemic, disruption, and catastrophe?

Join All Together Now as we throw open the doors of our Beit Midrash so that the Jewish people can engage with these challenges together through lectures, webinars, classes, and study groups.

NOTE: Registrants will receive email notification when sessions are available for sign up.

The Jewish people are facing important questions about citizenship, nationalism, democracy, and the societies in which we live. COVID-19 has already reshaped our attitudes about collective community and is also raising issues of theology, spirituality and social responsibility. Come, join us as we face those questions.


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