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This week is National Volunteer Week, a time when volunteers of all sorts are being celebrated! Here at Holy Blossom, this is a time to applaud and thank the amazing group of dedicated, hardworking, and talented volunteers who support every single aspect of Temple life.


To Our Volunteers, We Thank You.


Treasured volunteers contribute their time and expertise by participating in the delivery of meaningful and impactful programs and initiatives to keep the Holy Blossom community thriving.

Presently, our whole world is facing extraordinary challenges. We wish to give a special thank you to the many volunteers of Call HaKavod, who are calling fellow members to ensure our Holy Blossom community stays connected.

Holy Blossom always welcomes volunteers. If you are currently volunteering and want to consider a new way to contribute, or you wish to volunteer with the Temple for the first time, we welcome hearing from you with your interests and availability at [email protected].

Volunteers add a magnificent, selfless service and our Holy Blossom Temple community reflects your devotion and caring spirit. Thank you.

Stay safe. Stay well.  Stay connected.

Nadine Charendoff & Susan Linds
Co-Chairs, Volunteer Engagement Committee

Committee Members:  Julie Kirsh, Maddie Axelrod, Julie Solomon, Darren Sukonick

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