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About the Women’s Advocacy Group at Holy Blossom


The mission of the Holy Blossom Temple Women’s Advocacy Group (WAG) is to turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, the WAG strives for social justice through educational programs that lead to action focused on safeguarding our individual rights and freedoms and harnessing our collective responsibility to improve the quality of life for women and non-binary individuals, children, families, and the broader community.

The WAG was formed in 2019 by a group of women at Holy Blossom Temple who saw a need and an opportunity to empower our community in addressing women’s social justice issues. Reform Judaism teaches us that we each individually and collectively have the power to contribute to tikkun olam, repairing the world, and we know that this community is driven to honour that responsibility. Our goal is to harness that passion and sense of duty into increased awareness and action towards injustices that disproportionately face women today, including domestic violence and sexual assault; employment and pay equity; and reproductive health and rights.

This group organizes educational programs by forming connections with women and individuals who are working directly on these issues and inviting them to share their knowledge, passion, and expertise with the Holy Blossom community. We hope that by creating these opportunities for direct engagement through education and discussion we can generate ripples of change that will serve to contribute to the work of tikkun olam.


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For more information, or to get involved with the Women’s Advocacy Group at Holy Blossom, please contact Rabbi Jordan Helfman (416) 789 3291 ext. 277 or email [email protected]

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