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Tribute to Cantor Maissner Virtual Choir: Bass

The ‘voice specific video recording guide’ or VSVRG below will lead you through the recording process. It is essential that you use the VSVRG and carefully follow the instructions in the VSVRG from start to finish.

It is critical that the sync beep at the start and finish of the VSVRG can be heard on your recording. Please follow the prompts regarding when to plug in and unplug the jack of your earbuds or headphones from your recording device.

When you have finished your recording listen to it. Be sure that there is a sync beep at the start and at the end, and that the volume is at a comfortable level—not too loud and not too soft.

When you are happy with your recording, save it onto your desktop in the manner described in Step 3a in the instructions.

Next, upload the recording to YouTube as outlined in Step 1e in the instructions. Be sure to make a note of the YouTube link.

Next, click on the SUBMIT tab and fill in the requested information to complete the Beny 2020 virtual choir process.

Thank you for your participation.

We look forward to receiving your video and to seeing and hearing you in the Virtual Choir Performance when it is launched in late June.

The deadline to submit your recording is Thursday, May 28.



Once you have read the instruction sheets, recorded your version of the song and uploaded it to vimeo/youtube please complete the form by clicking the submit button below.


Final step…



Have questions or concerns?

Email us at [email protected]

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