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March Highlights at the ECC

It seems so long ago that we celebrated Purim and the arrival of spring. We had a very unusual, busy, fun-filled March and have a great deal more to look forward to in April.

Purim is a holiday marked by joyous activities.  The children experienced this holiday by dressing up, sharing gifts, giving food to those in need, hearing the Purim story, enjoying a Purim carnival, parading and singing for Mondays at the Temple, fulfilling the four Mitzvot of Purim and many more classroom experiences.


Mitzvot How we fulfill the Mitzvot at the ECC
Sending gifts to friends and family (Mishloach Manot) Preparing Mishloach Manot
Listening to the Megillah Our ECC Purim Spiel
Participating in the Purim feast Making hamentashen
Sending gifts to the poor Food donations


We asked each child to donate 1 box of macaroni and cheese.

We used the boxes as ‘greggors’ during our Purim Shpiel and afterwards, all the boxes were donated and placed in the Tzedakah centre in the Atrium.

Tzedakah at the ECC continued with Passover, which is fast approaching.  There are many people in Toronto’s Jewish community in dire need of support during this time. The ECC, together with the Youth Education Centre at Holy Blossom collected KOSHER FOR PASSOVER food items in support of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada’s annual Passover Food Drive.

On March 11 we had a very special presentation from 3 grade 8 students from Leo Baeck.  They chose recycling as their community project and presented a short PowerPoint story followed by a recycling sorting game to one of our nursery classes.  Job well done!

The children began learning the Pesach story and all the many symbols associated with the holiday. Our onsite school, unfortunately, was put on hold but the learning continued.

Packages of learning materials (with learning objectives and how-to instructions), Passover stories, song sheets, crafts, etc.  were sent home which are instrumental in our virtual school.

Our ECC has gone virtual!  Our team of extraordinary teachers have been providing daily remote learning through regular emails, Zoom classroom interactive learning, personal phone calls to students Seesaw postings and virtual specialty programming.

We continue to expand the learning opportunities open to our families.

We wish you all good health, individual strength, strength in family and in community.

Chag Pesach Sameach

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