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Pre-K pages & printables
ECC newsletter & resources – March
Little Blossoms Online!
Virtual Soccer Class with Sportball! (for 3-7-year-olds)
Virtual Soccer Class with SPortball! (for 1-3-year-olds)
Looking for a simple way to stay connected with your families or move to remote learning?
HiMama Resources during COVID-19: 🙋 Melissa Raso-HiMama


SK-Grade 1

Passover Colouring Page – The Four Questions
Passover Colouring Page – Froggy Origami
Passover Colouring Page – Matzah Puzzle
Passover Colouring Page
Passover Printable
Afikomen Holder
Passover Activities
Passover Story and Seder Plate


Grade 3

Mitzvah Opportunities for Grade 3:

This is a link from “Ellen Degeneres” in this link she has partnered up with Honey Nut Cheerios and there is a tracker for all of the various activities that people have done to make a difference. This link might have to be cut and paste into your browser:

The second act of kindness comes from Baycrest. They are asking for children to send in drawings to the seniors who are unable to leave Baycrest. This will go to Cindy Kaizer and her email address is [email protected]

Grade 3 – 5 worksheets
The four questions


Grade 4

Word Building, Siddur Phrases, Rhythm Reading


All Ages

From our Shinshimin: Celebrating Israel workbook
From our Shinshinim
Family Scavenger Hunt
Family baking for Passover in Lisa’s kitchen!

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