In Our Virtual Mishkan

Dear Rabbi Splansky,

I was very moved when I returned from dinner last Friday to hear Avishai’s lovely and caring voicemail message.

And I was surprised at what a calming effect it had on me.

We have very strict (but necessary) rules here at my retirement residence which includes no visitors (even by our children and grandchildren), and no going outside – even for a short walk.  There are, of course also many restrictions and changes inside as well.  Although I truly appreciate the excellent care we are receiving here, nevertheless, it is taking its toll.

And then,  Avishai called.  His message lifted my spirits.  I know the call may have been difficult for him, but it was wonderful for me.

Would you please let him know how much I appreciated it, and how much he brightened my life?

With my best wishes to you and your family,

Joy Wolfson

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