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A message from Past President, Judy Winberg

The strength of our congregation is our membership.

And, because of our strength and the size of our congregation, it is important that the Temple Board of Directors be representative of our large and diverse membership.

It is an honour for me to serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee.  Together with past Chair, Rick Howard, Nadine Charendoff, Michael Davis, Phyllis Denaburg, Mala Greenbaum, Karen Kollins, Brian Lidsky and Rob Sniderman we invite you to consider an impactful way to ‘give back’ to your congregation by sharing your skills and strengths as a  lay leader.

Holy Blossom’s Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility of identifying congregants who have the interests and the skills to take on leadership roles at the Temple. We are always looking for members to serve on committees, chair events and ultimately to serve on the Board.  New members are elected to the Temple Board of Directors on an annual basis.

If the notion of Board membership is one that you’d like to consider please let me know. Please contact me through Abigail Carpenter-Winch, Director of Membership and Community Engagement at 416 789-3291 X 232 so that we can set up a convenient time to talk.


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