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February Highlights from the ECC

Written by: Wendy Steinberg Himmel, Director of the Early Childhood Centre

We celebrated Tu B’Shevat in the ECC on Monday, February 10. Our Tu B’Shevat studies involved planting, recycling, eating fruit and developing a real appreciation and love for our trees and an understanding of what trees give us.  Trees were created out of a wide assortment of recycled materials, many stories were shared and of course, a fun birthday celebration in honour of all the trees.

Recycling and environmental awareness at the ECC at Holy Blossom, some of the new initiatives this year: 

  • Each class has been provided with washable plates, cups and cutlery, helping to reduce waste at snack time.
  • Sending more notices electronically, online registration and payment help to reduce paper waste.
  • Each class is equipped with a recycle bin.
  • A visit to The Living Wall in the Atrium

 The Living Wall

(excerpt from the Commemorative Booklet Celebrating the Opening of the New Spaces at Holy Blossom Temple)

The Living Wall brings a living, growing landscape into an interior environment, improving the indoor air quality and making the space feel alive. Aside from the benefits of adding oxygen and filtering the air, the sound of running water imitates a flowing stream, softening the interior environment. The plants selected for this landscape, which congregants helped to grow in their own homes, represent the biblical species of palms, figs, wheat and barley. The Atrium has many other sustainable features, as part of our LEED Silver building, including an energy-efficient envelope or exterior skin and glazed windows, to conserve energy and reduce heat loss; new water-conserving plumbing and fixtures; and high-efficiency mechanical systems. Interior lighting is controlled with sensors, to minimize energy usage. The glass skylight enables full access to natural light. In these ways, we give expression to the congregational value of environmental responsibility and fulfill the mitzvah “to tend and protect” the earth.” (Genesis 2:15)

Tu B’Shevat really lends itself to good thoughts and deeds.  We continued to reinforce the importance of Mitzvot by preparing 120 gift bags for the Out Of The Cold guests at the Temple on Thursday, February 13.

Thank you to all our families for helping us collect the necessary items. 

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