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Birkot hashachar at Holy Blossom Sunday School

Written by Avishai Sol

Every week I lead a service at a Jewish Sunday school
When you have a bag of children, particularly children without phones
They don’t always take things so
Some don’t even know what that is
But in this particular case we get to live through a strange
change            of pace
They seem to understand that for this minute and a half they should pray for more than
The Wii Nintendo Box 93
Their parent’s money
Them, I, you
Us sometimes

As they file into some cloud city,
They approach some golden throne
They kneel before some white robed people
And stand at the front of a very long line

They read of pieces off their wrists and off pieces of construction paper that
“Everyone should have water”
They hope that
“The Koalas are safe”
“That people stop taking things from the poor animals”
“That if there’s a storm then people are ok”

“That the bison stay safe”
“That the world is safe”
“That everyone has a safe home”
“That everyone should have shelter”
“That there should be a cure”
“That we should all be healthy”
“That black holes don’t suck up the Earth”

The littlest ones mostly just share charming anecdotes
“At school when me and Molly were going to pick some apples the people were ok over there, and my brother turned ten.”

Everyone indulges everyone

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  • Karen Splansky Farbman

    Yay Avishai, not just for writing this post. We love that your heart is devoted to raring the next generation of youth group l.

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