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A Message from Cantor Maissner






What a bright future!

My dear beloved congregation. It is with open arms and overwhelming delight that I personally welcome our new Senior Cantor David Rosen.

It is hard to believe that forty-one blessed years have passed so quickly, as I was privileged to serve you as Cantor. Now the time has come for us to look towards a glorious future with the bright, young, energetic, talented Cantor as David Rosen is.

I have known David for over twenty-five years. He was my student and I considered him to be my Star Student! I have seen Cantor Rosen grow into a skilful, mature Hazzan. I have witnessed how he excels in every aspect as a true SHLIACH TZIBUR, a compassionate and sensitive Emissary of the Jewish People.

I know David will succeed and will be beloved by all. I am more than excited to welcome David personally into our congregation. I am also so grateful for and impressed by the members of the Search Committee for their depth and clarity in making this incredible choice.

Let us cheer and wholeheartedly welcome Cantor David Rosen into our midst!

Your loyal Beny

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  • Marion (Berlin) Feld

    Although I’m not a member of Holy Blossom Temple I’m very excited to know that David Rosen has been chosen as the Senior Cantor of your Temple. As the sister of a Reform Rabbi and the mother-in-law of a former student of Cantor Maissner I know the depth to which search committees go. It is a very important to find someone who can truly meet your needs. I’ve known David for many, many years and I’ve watched his career grow. I deeply believe that Cantor David Rosen will not only meet your needs, but will surpass your requirements by introducing new ideas and by supporting all areas of your Congregation. It is with great excitement I wish you and David a Mazel Tov. He will be a great addition to Holy Blossom Temple and to the Toronto Jewish Community.

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