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My dear congregation,

I just came back from the most incredible experience in Hannover, Germany. The European Cantorial Association, hosted at the magnificent Villa Seligmann, the House of Jewish Music, the Hannover Orthodox Synagogue, and by the Jewish Communities of Lower Saxony. Cantors of all denominations participated in the high-level programs of Academic nature, reflections, and performances. I had the privilege to present two lectures and sing in three concerts. It was an honour to be welcomed with open arms by the community, both Jewish and local, politicians, and church leaders.

We marked International Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27, 2020) with the most incredible Symphonic concert, “THE NIGHT PROJECT.” This astounding concert, attended by 3500 people,  featured the music (of the greatest Cantor ever-living) LEIB GLANZ, orchestrated by our ingenious Cantor, Cantor Joseph Ness, and included a dramatic reading from Elie Wiesel’s book, Night by the most celebrated German Actor, Sebastian Koch.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and were called back to a cheering audience for a full ten minutes!

During the convention, I was interviewed by NDR the TV of lower Saxony and told the story and fate of my family. We spoke and visited the sight of the glorious Synagogue built in 1876 and burnt in Kristallnacht, November 1938. This broadcast reaches around 40 million people!

Please enjoy a few links from my experience in Germany.






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