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Mitzvah Bakers: Soup Making Edition

Written by Seth Kirsh

Holy Blossom Temple’s monthly Mitzvah Bakers was a great success, making soup on Wednesday, November 27th. This month, instead of baking, we made soup for the Holy Blossom Bikkur Cholim committee; they provide meals, friendly visits and other services to congregants who are ill and infirm, seniors who are unable to leave their homes easily, and others who are in need of a friendly visit. Last Wednesday, there was a great turnout of teens wanting to help. They grated vegetables, chopped, and cooked soup to be distributed by our Bikur Cholim Committee.

Our Mitzvah bakers typically bake for Out of the Cold and Ve’ahavta,  to be given to homeless people in need. This month though, the Bakers aided with the Mitzvah of visiting the sick by cooking for Bikur Cholim, who deliver to seniors, the sick, and others in need. Visiting the sick is a Jewish value and it is important that we are there to assist whenever we can. It is especially important in these winter months as the holidays are important that people are there to lift people’s spirits, especially the sick, whenever they can. The teens that were there on Wednesday were of great service to their community and helped brighten someone’s day by the volunteer work they did.

The Mitzvah Bakers program is a great way to volunteer while having a fun evening, baking and socializing with your friends. The program runs every month on the last Wednesday and is a great way for teens to help the community and volunteer.

Interested in being a part of Bikur Cholim? Learn more about getting involved here!

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