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Giving NOW means your gift is doubled.
Only $12k shy of our 6th Mezuzah.

We’ll get right to the point:

As you consider your donation decision for Holy Blossom’s transformational Renewal Project, any gift you make before year’s end is effectively DOUBLED.

If you give $18,000 … it becomes $36,000!
If you give $25,000 … it becomes $50,000!
If you give $50,000 … it becomes $100,000!

This, the result of 3 generous Temple Families who have come together to donate $500k in a Matching Challenge to the congregation, as part of our “Five to Finish” campaign. That means, they will match your gift, dollar for dollar, to a total of $500k. So, now is really the time, because your gift becomes that much more powerful.

The response from our congregation to the campaign has been heartwarming, to say the least. Since we introduced “Five to Finish” on Kol Nidre, we’ve raised precisely $1,188,000 of our $5 million goal to complete fundraising for Phase 1 of Renewal. As you know, we’re marking our progress to $5 million by installing a beautiful, new Mezuzah on one of 25 Temple doors every time we raise an additional $200,000. With these Matching Challenge funds, we are so incredibly close to our 6th Mezuzah.

But even so, that still leaves us with 20 Mezuzot still to go, before we reach our campaign end date of Dec. 31st. It is no exaggeration to say, we are going to need every member of our congregation to take part if we’re going to get this done.

Turning Conversations into Commitments

We have been having such positive conversations with so many of our members, as it’s becoming more and more clear just how many of you want to take part in “Five to Finish.” If we haven’t spoken yet, please know that we’re here to help you work out what a personally meaningful gift might be. It could honour a loved one or mark a significant family milestone. And just a reminder that pledges can be (and for most of our donors, usually are) paid over a 5-year period.

Also, as we wrote last week and is especially relevant during tax planning season: a gift of appreciated securities can save significant tax dollars – as a tax deduction and as a way to eliminate your capital gains tax hit on those securities.

To donate, please reach out to:

Joan Garson, Chair Renewal Fundraising Committee at [email protected]

Jonathan Ain, Director Capital Campaign at [email protected]


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