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“Five to Finish” – The First Report

On Kol Nidre, our Congregation heard from the Bima that – despite the fact that we are all enjoying our remarkable new building – our Renewal Project is not yet complete. That we still needed to raise $5 million for the project. And that we were going to call the campaign Five To Finish”, our final fundraising appeal. One very strong push to the end that would, hopefully, inspire the participation of ALL of us.

By that time, we had raised over $30.4 million in Canada’s single largest synagogue capital campaign … just an incredible accomplishment. So many of us had already generously given to build something that honours our history and secures our future at 1950 Bathurst Street. And then, some of us gave again. Our Congregation thanks you for all of it.

Here’s the wonderful news: since that call to action of “Five To Finish”, many of our members have been inspired to give for the first time. Others have given for a second or even a third time. And there are so many more discussions taking place with congregants reflecting on what meaningful gift they can make. The upshot is that we’ve raised over $400 thousand in less than a month’s time. A terrific start, but still so much more to do.

Our first Mezuzah. Thank you to the Fogler family!

As you heard on Kol Nidre, we’re going to mark our progress on “Five to Finish,” and hopefully generate more excitement for the campaign, by installing a new Mezuzah on one of 25 Temple doors every time we raise an additional $200 thousand dollars.

After being inspired by the message that evening, Lloyd and Gladys Fogler made a remarkably generous additional gift to Renewal, in honour of Rabbi Splansky. That’s our first Mezuzah! Just one example of how our community is responding with extraordinary spirit. Watch this space in the next couple of weeks for photos and video of the dedication of this first “Five To Finish” Mezuzah!

As many reasons to give, as there are members of Temple.

What’s yours?

Donors have given many personal reasons for their support. Contributions have been made to honour parents, grandparents and other family members. From gift cards to larger donations, from Simchas to sorrows, our members have found their own meaningful expressions of generosity for Renewal.

For example, the Shain family just made a donation in honour of both Lili Shain – Board Chair, Torah Stitch by Stitch – for her leadership and dedication to this important project, as well as in honour of Michael Shain, on his graduation, magna cum laude, from the M.A. program in Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University.

And finally …

The ways to give to “Five To Finish” can be tailored to best meet the needs of our donors – from a one-time payment to a pledge over time, to a gift of appreciated securities.  Some donors who have made a pledge and paid it in full, are continuing to make their pledge payments, thereby extending their gifts. What this campaign hopes to achieve from each Temple member is a personally meaningful gift, and so many are responding with generosity, in ways that best work for them.

This project has long been a sacred obligation for so many of us. But it hasn’t just been to a new building. It has been a sacred obligation to one another, to our spirit, as we work together to strengthen our community for our shared future.

“Five to Finish.” Five and we WILL finish.

We thank all of you who have contributed and will contribute, to making that happen.

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