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Life-Long Learning in Today’s World

Today’s learners have access to an essentially unlimited wealth of materials and information. However, nearly universal accessibility to the internet means that every student and life-long learner is likely to encounter gross misinformation and fallacy. There is simply too much information. If a student wanted to learn about Rambam, a simple Google search of the name “Maimonides” yields over two million results. Why would that student seek out information about Rambam from their teacher when the internet hosts more information than any single human could possibly have? The potential danger is that learners will disregard the need for a teacher or a Moreh Derech.

In most cases, the rabbi is no longer the best available depository of sources and wealth of knowledge. Rather, the internet has become the “depository” and the educators and rabbis must learn to help students and congregants navigate the vast amount of information effectively.

If you are interested in the pursuit of life-long learning and want to learn from excellent teachers, I hope you will consider the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning! This incredible educational opportunity is being offered at Holy Blossom again this year and promises to be a transformative experience.

What is Melton?

A Worldwide and high-quality program for Adult Jewish Study- a project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Named for Florence Melton, its founder, Melton is an internationally renowned, formal program for adult Jewish study. It offers a well-rounded and sophisticated approach and provides a comprehensive exploration of Jewish thought, practice, ethics, and history utilizing a cross-denominational curriculum. It is designed for all levels of Jewish knowledge and practice – there is no Hebrew knowledge required, nor are there tests, grades or homework. In its 30 plus years, the Melton program has graduated more than 30,000 students from its classes in “mini-schools” all over the world. Hailed as “the best of the best adult Jewish education.”

I hope you will join us at Holy Blossom on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, at 7:30 PM for A Taste of Melton! Meet the teachers, sample a lesson, and experience Melton’s text-based, discussion-oriented approach to Jewish learning. This course is ideal for those looking to deepen their understanding of the basics of Judaism and Jewish living, regardless of prior knowledge. Register for this event by clicking here! For more information, please contact Holy Blossom’s Director of Education, Debbie Spiegel, [email protected] or myself, [email protected].

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