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Dear friends and congregants,

It has been my honour and pleasure to send you my personal High Holy Days greeting for so many years.

In fact, I cannot believe it has been four decades of L’SHANAH TOVAH wishes which come from my deepest heartfelt feelings.

Once again, as in the past, I wish you all healthy and happy greetings for the new year which is approaching upon us very soon.

This year, however, I write to you with mixed emotions. NO NO! God forbid, these are not feelings of sadness or regret.

These feelings are reflections of gratitude and of blessed happy memories of serving Holy Blossom Temple as your Hazzan. Feelings and memories that will linger in my heart for the rest of my life. Together, we made history as we elevated our prayer with and worship to levels of spiritual and transcendental heights. Just reflect for yourselves how incredible the sounds of our sacred melodies fill each and every one of us during Shabbat, Festivals, and Holy Days. Can you imagine the thrill and warmth our Rabbis and I receive every time we are overwhelmed by the sound of a singing congregation? What is more magnificent is the fact that all the melodies which are engraved in your hearts are of the most sophisticated Jewish Music repertoire. we are indeed unique and are rewarded by these experiences. “Where words leave off, music begins.”

Please try to cherish with me the sounds and melodies, the chanting, the choir, the sounds of our musical instruments the blowing of the SHOFAR  during these High Holidays as your “SHALIACH TZIBUR”

I am not going anywhere. I remain committed to our great congregation and will enjoy my emeritus status after July 1, 2020.

For now, please enjoy these gifts from me to all of you for the coming Holy Days:

The original premiere performance of the beloved Shehechiyanu with an orchestra from 1986! Listen here

And of course,


With warmest regards and blessings, I wish you a happy healthy L’SHANAH TOVAH U’MTUKAH.

Hope and Beny

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  • DJ

    Along with the most beautiful and forever remembered melodies , joyous music and heavenly prayers, will be incredible feelings of sadness and loss after you leave.

  • Ann

    You will be greatly missed by me and everyone else.

    Ann and family

  • Frances Hellen

    Beny, you brought tears to my eyes. I’ve just finished reading your comments, listening to your “shechechianu” and watching you give your message to us all. I look forward to the Yomim Tovim with you, and singing the moving melodies that help us pray with ‘kavanah’ .
    Shana Tova to you and your family.

  • Keith Meloff

    What a treat for Shabbat!
    With thanks and love,
    Keith and Suzette Meloff

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