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An Attitude of Generosity

One of the many things that make our community special is that so many are able and willing to give of themselves to help others.

Next Tuesday, the 30th, and the following Tuesday, August 6th we need a team of volunteers at HBT to prepare our newest gender-neutral prayer books with some stickering.  Come at 6:30 pm, and I will order pizza for our 7:15 break, as we end around 8 pm both nights. Email me to let me know you are coming at [email protected].

There is so much more happening as well through HBT. The leadership of the group of members who just last month welcomed our sixth and seventh refugee and asylum seeker families to Canada. From toddlers to great-grandparents our members have responded with great generosity of time and spirit, and so our families now have almost all of what can reasonably be offered.

While our kitchen is on break from Out of the Cold, we are hosting the Jewish humanitarian non-profit, Ve’ahavta, who has been using our kitchen to provide for those who are in need and often sleeping on the streets. Just last week, I was with congregants volunteering for Mazon Canada who had given a new freezer to a soup-kitchen housed in a church a few doors up from my home, cooking furiously to fill up that new freezer.

Also last week, I had the chance to volunteer with a group called Not Just Tourists, who pair up suitcases of medical supplied with individuals taking international flights to off the beaten path medical centres – including many in vacation destinations.  I know that many of us travel – including myself for the World Union of Progressive Judaism – and it would be easy to carry an extra bag on the journey.

Some of us in this coming year will have less time to donate- because of the arrival of kids or grandchildren, or because of a new degree or health challenges.  Others will suddenly have more time through retirement or a lessening of care-taking responsibilities.  But what is important is that we maintain our zerizut – our stance of readiness and generosity.  Through this stance, we may not be able to change the world, or affect greater social change – but we might.

As I am becoming more familiar with the Tikkun Olam work of Holy Blossom Temple, I am sure there will be many opportunities coming to help, and I look forward to sharing them with you and having you join us at any of our many volunteer opportunities!

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